Ketamine is often considered to be a miracle anti-depression drug that supposedly appeared out of nowhere. However, despite this, the drug, dating back to the 1960s, has made rapid advancement in the field of medical sciences when it comes to treating depression. Nevertheless, there may be times when patients have a frightening or negative experience with ketamine treatment. But there are ways to address and prevent such an outcome. Some of these are as follows:

Ways to Tackle Challenging Experiences

  • Monitor the Dosage

A minimal dosage of ketamine can prove to be ineffective for the human body while extreme dosages can be overwhelming. A proper dose of ketamine is important for the well-being of a patient. The best way to keep track of the dosage is through its measurement in mg or kg, which yields maximum effect without overdoing it. However, since the effect of ketamine is different for every individual, it is best to consult a physician.

  • Build a Healthy Curiosity

Ketamine infusion might often lead to a person seeing and experiencing things that are quite frightening and challenging at the same time. The patient might be on the verge of a breakdown and have an intense urge to run away from it. However, if they get curious about the process and outcome, it can work wonders. A healthy curiosity or fascination can effectively keep fear at bay. Acting on your curiosity also helps fight the side effects of the infusion with ease.

  • Develop a Proper Mindset

A great way to handle challenging experiences with ketamine is to get into a proper frame of mind before you begin the treatment. Have a positive and specific intention for the session, which may lead to feelings of being happy and relaxed. The intention you have forms the foundation of your therapeutic experience. It is quite like having a fixed aim in your life, that drives you toward achieving it despite all hardships.

  • Regulate the Breathing Pattern

Regulating the patient’s breathing helps to tackle the challenges of ketamine experiences to a great extent. When circumstances become too overwhelming, one can try focusing on their breath. A deep breath is of great help. It has a calming effect and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system of the body.

Ketamine, though an incredibly powerful tool for treating depression, anxiety, migraine, PTSD and chronic pain, might trigger negative, frightful and challenging experiences at times.

However, following the above-mentioned tips can greatly help to combat unpleasant outcomes.

As ketamine therapy has proven to be more effective than conventional ways of treatment, it is worth taking the effort to address any challenging experiences that it may have.