Ketamine Westchester participated in the largest-ever clinical study on ketamine therapy. The study tracked 1,200+ Ketamine Westchester clients over 4 sessions.


of clients reported improvement in their depression and anxiety symptoms after 4 sessions


of participants who reported suicidal ideation no longer reported any suicidal ideation after 4 sessions


of clients reported no side effects from their ketamine treatment

How does Ketamine work better than other treatments?


Compared to traditional antidepressants, ketamine acts much more quickly. While traditional antidepressants can take weeks to show effects, ketamine can reduce symptoms within hours.
Ketamine may not be as effective as a long-term standalone treatment. It’s often used along with other antidepressants or therapy.

Chronic Pain

For chronic pain, particularly neuropathic pain, ketamine can be an alternative when other pain medications are ineffective or cause undesirable side effects.
Ketamine’s pain-relieving effects can be short-lived, requiring ongoing treatment, but it avoids some of the addiction issues associated with other medications.

Side Effects

Ketamine can cause dissociative effects, hallucinations, and other short-term changes in perception, which are less common with traditional antidepressants or pain medications.
Long-term side effects and the potential for abuse are concerns that are less prominent with many other types of antidepressants.