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Ketamine Westchester, a mental healthcare center aims to provide mental wellness to patients of all ages using ketamine treatment for depression. 

Why Ketamine?

Drugs Don't Work

Most of the anti-depressants used to treat depression and mood disorders can result in serious side effects. Many a time, the side effects stay, even when the drug is stopped. Some of the very common undesirable effects of such drugs are Insomnia, increased appetite, weight gain, fatigue, blurred vision, sexual problems, nausea, dizziness, agitation, and so on.

Quick & Effective Treatment

Unlike other drugs, ketamine therapy for depression is an effective, quick and safe method. The standard antidepressant medicines take several days to revive mood. On the other hand, the IV Ketamine that we use in Ketamine Westchester works within minutes. Researches state that the effect of Ketamine lasts longer than the regular antidepressant drugs. Ketamine helps to stimulate new synapses and receptors in brain, thus helps to fight bad mood, sleep better and concentrate better. 

What Can Ketamine Treat?


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Ketamine for depression is very effective, as it improves communication between the brain cells. It blocks NMDA receptor that causes depression and lightens the mood in a very short time. This therapy when practiced under the supervision of an experienced doctors, ensure a normal mental state for a long span.

Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol addiction ruins both physical and psychological health. People with addiction suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar spectrum disorder, and other mood disorders. Ketamine therapy can help heavy drinkers to decrease alcohol dependence. Ketamine can distort the memories that fuels such addictions.

Anxiety Disorders

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Signs and symptoms of anxiety disorder includes nervousness, fear, shyness, and discomfort. Ketamine, being an antagonist of NMDA receptor, can reduce the symptoms of anxiety disorder effectively. Along with the therapy, Ketamine Westchester also provides psychological support to patients dealing with anxiety disorder.

Drug Withdrawal

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Drugs devastate families. Prolonged exposure to drugs can result in a deteriorated mental health condition. Ketamine Westchester’s ketamine therapy overcomes drug dependency by erasing memory of the addiction.


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PTSD is a mental disorder that develops due to physical traumatic experiences or events. Patients with PTSD often face significant memory impairment. Ketamine infusion in PTSD treatments reduce its symptoms by temporarily impairing the memory function. Ketamine Westchester uses this therapy to make patients learn the techniques to cope with the trauma.


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Other disorders that ketamine infusion treatment cure are obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), suicidality, neuropathic pain, bipolar disorder, behavioral problems, and so on.

It Works!

According to different clinical studies and patient testimonials, ketamine therapy for depression is the best alternative to antidepressants. When supervised by an experienced consultant, the therapy uplifts mood quickly and efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ketamine?

Ans: Ketamine was developed as an anesthetic drug. Previously, the medicine was used in both humans and animals during surgeries. According to recent clinical studies, it is also an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, addiction rehabilitation, and pain disorders.

Q: How is it given?

Ans: To make ketamine treatment for depression effective, the medicine is injected in your body through a vein. Doctors consider this route to be the quickest one to reach the brain.

Q: What is the response rate?

Ans: According to different studies, 85-90% patients respond to this treatment. Unlike common antidepressants, they start working within hours. Doctors prescribe the medication according to the severity of the patient’s condition.

Q: How long do the results last?

Ans: Ketamine starts healing quickly. Though initially the effect lasts for 1-3 days, with repeat treatments and cognitive behavioral therapy, the effect lasts longer.

Q: What are the side effects?

Ans: Only a few patients face a spike in heart rate during the initial phase of treatment. But when taken under the supervision of experienced doctors, the therapy treats depression effectively.

Q: What conditions can make ketamine treatment ineffective?

Ans: Health conditions like uncontrolled blood pressure, thyroid or other hormonal diseases, heart diseases, and active psychotic symptoms can make the ketamine treatment ineffective.

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