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We provide top-notch care in mental health facilities

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We provide top-notch care in mental health facilities

Parinda Parikh, MD, CMO

Hello, I’m Dr. Parinda Parikh, a board-certified Medical Doctor with a wide range of clinical and administrative expertise. Specializing in diagnosing and treating mood and anxiety disorders, psychotic spectrum disorders, as well as eating and neurodevelopment disorders, I bring a wealth of experience from diverse clinical settings.

Martin Witriol, CEO

Martin Witriol is an NYC REMAC-credentialed paramedic (EMT-P) with four decades of medical and psychiatric experience working with the NYC Haztollah emergency team. He has been the chief operating officer at the 2nd ARC Psychiatric Associates. He joined Dr. Parikh’s Ketamine team in 2019 and has been a leading team member.

Kimberly Tucker, BSN, RN

Kimberly Tucker is a trauma nurse with decades of experience. She is trained in pediatric, adult, and geriatric nursing care with acute medical emergencies. She is directly involved in ketamine infusion treatment, walking the patient through the process, medical monitoring and administration of treatment, and post-treatment recovery.